Module: Remote Services and Vocational Rehabilitation




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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote approaches have become more standard procedures for how businesses conduct work. Remaining current in this ever-changing field of remote service delivery is essential for any VR professional. Understanding implications these remote practices will have for how VR practitioners work with clients, explore future employment opportunities, and assess work capabilities are also vital towards future success. Focusing forward, understanding trends in remote services will continue to be important for the savvy VR professional to remain current in today’s rapidly changing and digital world. The internationally recognized 2022 Educause Horizon Report on Teaching and Learning identified remote work and hybrid learning as some of the top trends to watch for the year ahead. Determining needed technologies, coordinating communications, and assuring secure practices is even more paramount than predictions made even a decade ago. Keeping informed on international positions on equitable, accessible, and inclusive digital designs is essential for remotely serving individuals with disabilities.

CEU Hours: 1.5


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