Module 803: Beyond the Code of Ethics



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Very often “being ethical” is solely defined as abiding by a Code of Ethics. However, being ethical should go beyond following rules and regulations. Ethics is also a matter of character. This module looks beyond the code of ethics and shows how ethical actions enhance the vocational rehabilitation process. The most recent neurobiological research demonstrates that by being ethical the individual supports the vocational rehabilitation process and enhances the client’s chances for success.

After successful completion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Explain the neurobiological origin of motivation
  • Align the CVRP Code of Ethics with primary social needs
  • Comprehend what a model of practice is
  • Recognize the vital importance of the professional helping relationship in light of the phenomena of power and self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Appreciate how the CVRP Code of Ethics, standards of practice and foundational values can be used with intention to motivate, empower, and equip people to act in professional practice

CEU Hours: 3.5


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