Module 801: Introduction to Ethical and Professional Conduct



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Very often “ethics” is seen as an add-on to the vocational rehabilitation process. There is a focus on what the VR professional does and ethics seems to be an afterthought. However, ethics should be the center of all the individual does in carrying out services to his/her clients. This is the first of three modules on ethical conduct. In this section, there is an examination of the person’s well-being and those factors influence unethical behaviour. The module will also examine the foundations of ethical behaviour which includes defining professional ethics and outlining a history of thinking in this area.

After successful completion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Recognize ethical dilemmas and identify both moral values and ethical principles.
  • Explain the six “ethical principles” that guide the professional standards of helping professions.
  • Understand the complexity of ethical behaviour and explain the ethical decision-making process as a value-laden, but rational process.
  • Apply an ethical decision-making model.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of client empowerment and how vocational rehabilitation professionals can promote client empowerment.
  • Define the terms licensure, certification, accreditation and scope of services as they apply to vocational rehabilitation counselling.
  • Understand the specific standards that guide counselling practices, including confidentiality, roles and relationships boundary issues, informed consent, responsibility and competence.

CEU Hours: 9


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