Module 701: Disability Management



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This module will provide an overview of disability management as it fits within the broader vocational rehabilitation field.  The individual will be introduced to relevant terms and definitions, components of disability management in an organization, and learn best practices for disability management within a workplace.  This module will provide a general understanding of the concepts and application of evidenced-based disability management models. Several segments will provide a framework to address prevailing issues likely encountered, such as designing successful return to work programs to reduce work disability for workers with mental health conditions. 

After successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Define: disability management, disability management program, return to work program, work disability, return to work (RTW), occupational and non-occupational health, marginal maneuver, case management, SAW.
  2. Discuss the privacy issues that arise within employer based disability management.
  3. State four reasons employers should have effective return to work programs.
  4. List the components of disability management.
  5. Identify five models of disability management.
  6. Identify return to work stakeholders and roles.
  7. Apply best practice for RTW.



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