Module 101 VE: Foundations of Vocational Evaluation

Module 101 VE: Foundations of Vocational Evaluation




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This module describes the foundations for the vocational evaluation and assessment profession. The module includes reasons, and concepts that guide professional practice-including the history, philosophy or underlying values, guiding principles, and definitions of the profession, the scope of practice and role definition, vocational evaluation processes, testing principles, competencies, as well as legislation which influences a profession that serves diverse groups and potential workforce members. People with disabilities (e.g., physical, psychological or cognitive categorizations), those who face barriers to employment, unemployed, underemployed, educationally disadvantaged, dislocated workers, homeless as well as those who have been injured and cannot return to previous employment, and students transitioning from school to adult living comprise some of these groups. The module is based on our Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics and best practices and includes content which vocational evaluators must know and practice to be deemed competent.

By completing this module, learners will be able to

  • depict the history and definitions of vocational evaluation
  • describe the purposes (also known as benefits for participants) of vocational assessment and evaluation
  • verbalize underlying values and guiding principles of vocational evaluation
  • explain the concepts that guide professional practice
  • differentiate between stages, levels, and processes of vocational assessment services
  • portray the dimensions or scaffolding for vocational evaluation
  • convey basic content of vocational evaluation
  • express appropriate testing principles, and
  • identify legislation related to vocational assessment and evaluation

CEU Hours: 12


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