Module 402: Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment Tools



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In delivering services the Vocational Rehabilitation Professional will likely encounter a variety of vocational assessment tools.  Often they receive vocational assessments from vocational evaluators or psychologists that provide a wealth of information that could be used to assist the client in entering or re-entering the workforce.  This module provides the individual with the knowledge to understand these assessment tools.  In addition, they will obtain the knowledge necessary to make appropriate referrals and ask the “right questions” to obtain the information which is most helpful in assisting their clients.

After successful completion of this session, you can expect to:

  • Understand the different types of vocational assessments and their purposes
  • Possess a general understanding of results in vocational assessments
  • Apply information from vocational assessments in developing a picture of a person’s vocational needs, possible future directions, and next steps
  • Use foundational knowledge of vocational assessments to further your in-depth learning through additional study, such as reading specific assessment manuals
  • Know which testing levels you are qualified to apply, which tests you are qualified to administer and interpret, and which test results you are limited to read only.



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