Module 401: Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment and Evaluation



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This module provides the individual with an overview of vocational rehabilitation assessment and evaluation including an overview of test validity and reliability.

This module will provide the individual with a general overview of Vocational Evaluation and Assessment and how it is used by the VR Professional.  It will discuss how the medical, physical capacity and psychological evaluations are used by the Vocational Evaluator in preparing his/her report.  It will review the differences between aptitude, interest, achievement tests as well as work samples and situational assessments.

This module will also provide basic information on test reliability, validity and a general overview of statistics.

After successful completion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Describe the differences between vocational assessment and vocational evaluation and how the VR professional uses these reports
  • Understand the various assessment tools used by the VR professional/evaluator and why they are used
  • Describe the differences between test reliability and test validity
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of common statistics used in vocational evaluation.



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