Module 202: Vocational Rehabilitation and Physical Barriers




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One of the defining features of the vocational rehabilitation profession is the provision of services to individuals with some form of a disabling condition. This module focuses on the variety of disabling conditions that the VR professional could encounter at some point in their career. It will also offer suggestions on how to facilitate accommodations, to assist the individual to be successful within the workforce.

After successful completion of this session, learners will be able to:

  • Explain employability from a biopsychosocioeconomic perspective
  • Analyze jobs from a functional demands perspective
  • Identify a variety of physical limitations, related impairments and potential resultant disabling conditions
  • Identify potential barriers to functionality and employability
  • Identify potential job accommodations and modifications to mitigate barriers to physical functionality in the workplace
  • Appreciate the experience of pain, opioid use, and depression associated with physical impairments

CEU Hours: 7.75


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