Module 102

Module 102: Foundational Theories of Vocational Rehabilitation



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In order to provide effective vocational rehabilitation services, the professional should have a clear understanding of what makes the “client tick”.  The field of psychology offers a broad range of theories concerning human nature and behaviour.  This module examines some of these schools of psychology, particularly as it relates to disabled clients entering or re-entering the workforce.

Upon successful completion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Communicate a basic understanding of established counselling theories.
  • Articulate a personal philosophy of vocational rehabilitation practices based on established counselling approaches with the framework which describes a person’s change process.
  • Apply career development theories within an integrated, ecological, and evolving model of constraints and processes relevant to the career development of persons with disabilities.
  • Appreciate an inclusive framework which considers the specific needs of persons with disabilities for the research and further development of career development theories.

CEU Hours: 6


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