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Advanced Transferrable Skills Analysis




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The purpose of this training module is to highlight the importance of various special circumstances and advanced processes in the preparation of TSAs beyond the basic level and to assist the learner to support an understanding of the rationale for specific recommendations. It is intended to provide the learner with an acquired knowledge base to be competent in providing comprehensive rationale for alternative occupational recommendations provided in the TSA. It is assumed the learner has a basic understanding of TSAs, general methodology and appropriate recommendations. If the learner has not worked in the field of vocational evaluation or ever completed or reviewed TSAs, although not a requirement, for best practice, the learner is strongly encouraged to complete the modules developed on TSAs, namely: VRA Online Academy Module 104 VE2, CAVEWAS Domain 4 module, and CAVEWAS module: Transferable Skills Analysis (see below for links to the training). These three modules will provide you with a background and basic understanding of TSAs for both Canadian and US markets. The Advanced TSA module was developed on the assumption the learner has a clear comprehension of TSAs and is interested in learning beyond a perfunctory understanding and/or competency of these assessments.

CEU Hours: 4.5


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