Module 104 VE1: Part One – Vocational Evaluations and Assessment




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This module provides the practitioner with information about various testing techniques and related assessments to measure human performance, the knowledge to choose the most appropriate testing tools and the understanding to interpret the results accurately. Ultimately, this should help practitioners and professional consumers of vocational evaluation reports, to make decisions, and to help the individuals receiving services to make decisions, about their vocational futures.

After successful completion of this session, learners should be able to:

  • Understand and apply basic statistical properties (such as central tendency measures, reliability, validity, reference data, and types of score equivalents) to the selection, administration and interpretation of tests and measures.
  • Provide rational arguments for their choices of standardized or non-standardized assessment measures for each domain to be assessed.
  • Apply the level of their own training and experience to the purchase and administration of tests/measures of various levels (A, B, C).
  • Compare/contrast results from tests and assessments designed to measure the same domain of functioning, for the purpose of interpretation and recommendations.
  • Understand when adaptations and accommodations made for persons with disabilities do or do not change the results, interpretation, reference data, etc., for assessments administered.

CEU Hours: 4.5


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