Module 103VE - Occupational Information

Module 103VE: Occupational Information




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This session covers information in two sections. The first section provides a general overview of occupational information and the second examines career exploration and job entry of the person served. Each section provides definitions of key terms and may include a case study, video, or other learning activity. Upon completion, the student will develop knowledge about the various types of occupational information, the skills to collect this information and apply it to empower a person with a disability to make a career/job choice and be employed.

After successful completion of this session, students will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of and the economic, social, health, and emotional factors related to employment
  • Identify three purposes of occupational information
  • Conduct labor market research using government sources and locally developed information
  • List six primary occupational requirements
  • List six occupational classifications used to understand job requirements.
  • Describe local, regional, and national trends in employment to include wages and job availability
  • Analyze the three components of career exploration
  • Describe the five steps and five parts of the job analysis process
  • Describe ten reasons to conduct a job analysis
  • Explain the role of the vocational evaluator in job development
  • Explain the role of the vocational evaluator in job placement
  • Differentiate between job accommodations and modifications in job placement

CEU Hours: 4.5


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